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20 Quart Coolers

$159.99 $200.00

Seafoam Blue
Fire Coral Orange
Sand Dune
Denali Green
Driftwood Grey
Tahiti White
Badlands Camo
Garrison Green Camo

Product Details

  • Holds ice up to 7 days!  (depending on outside temperature)
  • Single-piece roto-molded construction for extreme durability
  • UV protection
  • Non-slip textured lid
  • Pressure release valve to even out pressure from cold interior and warm exterior allowing for easy opening of the lid
  • Freezer-grade gasket to lock in the cold
  • NEW latching system! Innovative locking mechanism that are hybrid aluminum and rubber construction.  EASY to open and close and keeps it closed and cold!
  • Non-Slip rubber feet for stability on a variety of surfaces.
  • Recessed heavy duty drain plug threaded to fit a standard garden hose.
  • Stainless Steel locking plate that also doubles as a bottle opener 
  • Stainless Steel handle with foam grip makes it easy to carry
  • 4 tie-down slots to strap down your cooler in any moving vehicle
  • Compatible with all of our awesome cooler accessories (sold separately):  Dividers that double as cutting boards, Wire Baskets, and Wire Cup Holders

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