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Keep it Hot or Cold Longer : The NEW Freek Beverage Cooler Dispenser

Posted on December 17 2017

Keep it Hot or Cold Longer : The NEW Freek Beverage Cooler Dispenser

beverage dispenser coolerI bet you didn't actually realize something like this existed. We know that's an aggressive way to begin, but we are excited to introduce "The Freek" from Manta Coolers.  

This beverage cooler dispenser is the answer to more questions and situations than you even knew needed answering.

  • What do you do when you're on an all day cruise on a catamaran off the coast of Spain with a dozen of your best friends and you have 5 gallons of freshly made sangria to keep cold all day long? Also, if anyone asks you  how much that is in liters, it is socially acceptable to throw them overboard...
  • Despite the fact that they haven't learned that you can't use your hands in soccer, all 3 of your children's teams have made it into the all day playoffs on a perfectly hostile 90 plus degree day in early June. How do you keep your orange sliced infused water cold through three 1-0 nail-biters?
  • You're the president of the Neighborhood Caroling Association and this year it has been extended by an extra hour. How do you keep your secret recipes spiked apple cider hot enough to brave the freezing temperatures, and give your members the right amount of lubrication to sing their yuletide hearts out?
  • You realize that even though there are only eight attendees of your rooftop Cinco de Mayo celebration, you are each capable of consuming about seven large margaritas each, and this party is not interested in relocating downstairs for each refill. Plus someone accidentally locked the outside door and you're not sure how long you are going to have to survive on guacamole and grilled street corn

Did you realize that the answer to these and many more questions that it's possible nobody ever asked, is to try the New FREEK beverage cooler dispenser from Manta Coolers. This innovate cooler and beverage dispenser is made from food grade plastic and ideal to hold both hot and cold beverages! As the only roto-molded cooler and drink dispenser in one, you won't find anything like it anywhere else! It can hold ice up to 7 days, so there are no more moments of trepidation when it's been active for hours and all you want out of your liquid is for it to be cold!

Discover the World of Manta today and dive into something cooler...



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